Book: "Growing Up Fast," 2014
This is a book I wrote with Jascha Kaykas-Wolff, CMO at Mozilla. It introduces a new organizational business theory based on agile software development processes, with chapters on business history, case studies and current research about why and how to change.

Two years. 40,000 words. 25 sources like Harvard Business Review, Rework, and Switch. And great irreverent illustrations by designer Sean Martinez.

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Illustrated Book: "The Grounded Astronaut," 2013
I wrote this illustrated book after designer Ryan Schroeder showed me his illustration of Andy the Astro Not standing motionless on a trampoline. The book we created is a story about an astronaut who fears he will never be weightless again.

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Illustrated Book: "Stitches," 2011
I wrote this illustrated book with designer Joe Points based on the surreal dolls and paintings of fine artist Dara Harvey. It's the story of a queen who finds the truth about her royal blues when she leaves the confines of her comfortable but unhappy life.

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Short Story: "Little Herons," 2007
You like Southern Gothic fiction about kids and magic fruit, don't you?
"George Jones excelled at this sort of thing." 

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