"Meme Jail"
Social :30 (Writer, Actor) 

TV :30 (Writer, Asst. Director, Hand Model)
"You went right to poop, didn't you?" This client wanted to do a funny spot about word combinations on locks, so I wrote this as the centerpiece for a full campaign about funny word combinations on locks.



"The Question"
TV :30 campaign (Writer, Asst. Director, Hand Model)
"Do you know what you want to do with your life?" This TV commercial targeted high-achieving high school students who get asked the same question over and over after graduation.

And these two graphics spots rounded out the campaign, reinforcing the central theme: Get the money you need for college, kid! 



"Be Better" 
TV Campaign :30s/:60 (Writer)

This campaign aimed to highlight everyday opportunities to be healthy. I wrote those grocery-bag curls and one-pull-up thumbs up. Had to be insurance company brand, but also had a little fun. 


"Spotify's Big Green Bus"
Portfolio Video :90 (Writer)
I wrote this video to highlight the great development and design done by The Brigade after they made the world's largest rolling jukebox for Spotify. 



"Dorm Room Moment"
Product Demo/Trade Video :90 (Writer, Asst. Director)

I wrote this video to play like senior-talks-to-freshman. It adds personality to the product demo and company overview.

Oh, and the client was successfully acquired by a bigger fish, which was the main goal. Score for them...and hopefully for students who want to go to college, too.


"To The Woods"
SoMe/Brand Video :90 (Actor, Crew)
"I have need of the sky. I have business with the grass." I wish I had written that, but it's Richard Hovey's atmospheric poetry. I portrayed the ponderous writer—and modeled the clothing—in this video to promote high-end outdoor recreational gear. 


Short Film 25:00 (Actor, Crew)
I played the murderous drifter title character in this short film by Harrison Welter. Drifter? Not such a strech for me, I suppose.


"Tater Tot Flatlight"
Kickstarter/Brand Video :90 (Writer, Asst. Director, Producer, Actor)

"Both well dreamt and well built." This video promoted a client's engineering design company and helped get a new product funded through Kickstarter, too. We raised over $18,000 and made their doggie mascot the star of the show. Double success!


"The Solid State Demo"
Product Demo/Trade Video 5:00 (Writer)

"Let's take a look at the data, shall we?" I wrote this to promote a new flash harddrive. The client needed it to be technical without being inhuman, so we put a wry, witty human voice on it.


"Write Around Portland Changed My Life" 
SoMe Video Brand campaign :90 (Writer, Director, Producer, DP)
"Donate Spontaneous." This client needed a campaign of promotional videos to highlight the amazing writers in their non-profit writing workshops. As part of the strategy, I worked with the writers to help them turn their own stories into scripts and star in each vignette.


"Killer Whale Toyota Prius"
TV :30 (Writer, Storyboard Artist)

"Touch One." When I write, I see images. Sometimes I draw them and tell the story that way. This is what I'd do with the Volkswagon Beetle if they gave me millions. 1989. Sea World. Polariod cameras. Tube socks. Killer whales.