"Meme Jail"
Social :30 (Writer, Actor) 

TV :30 (Writer, Asst. Director, Hand Model)
"You went right to poop, didn't you?" This client wanted to do a funny spot about word combinations on locks, so I wrote this as the centerpiece for a full campaign about funny word combinations on locks.



"The Question"
TV :30 campaign (Writer, Asst. Director, Hand Model)
"Do you know what you want to do with your life?" This TV commercial targeted high-achieving high school students who get asked the same question over and over after graduation.

And these two graphics spots rounded out the campaign, reinforcing the central theme: Get the money you need for college, kid! 



"Be Better" 
TV Campaign :30s/:60 (Writer)

This campaign aimed to highlight everyday opportunities to be healthy. I wrote those grocery-bag curls and one-pull-up thumbs up. Had to be insurance company brand, but also had a little fun. 


"Spotify's Big Green Bus"
Portfolio Video :90 (Writer)
I wrote this video to highlight the great development and design done by The Brigade after they made the world's largest rolling jukebox for Spotify. 



"Dorm Room Moment"
Product Demo/Trade Video :90 (Writer, Asst. Director)

I wrote this video to play like senior-talks-to-freshman. It adds personality to the product demo and company overview.

Oh, and the client was successfully acquired by a bigger fish, which was the main goal. Score for them...and hopefully for students who want to go to college, too.


"To The Woods"
SoMe/Brand Video :90 (Actor, Crew)
"I have need of the sky. I have business with the grass." I wish I had written that, but it's Richard Hovey's atmospheric poetry. I portrayed the ponderous writer—and modeled the clothing—in this video to promote high-end outdoor recreational gear. 


Short Film 25:00 (Actor, Crew)
I played the murderous drifter title character in this short film by Harrison Welter. Drifter? Not such a strech for me, I suppose.


"Tater Tot Flatlight"
Kickstarter/Brand Video :90 (Writer, Asst. Director, Producer, Actor)

"Both well dreamt and well built." This video promoted a client's engineering design company and helped get a new product funded through Kickstarter, too. We raised over $18,000 and made their doggie mascot the star of the show. Double success!


"The Solid State Demo"
Product Demo/Trade Video 5:00 (Writer)

"Let's take a look at the data, shall we?" I wrote this to promote a new flash harddrive. The client needed it to be technical without being inhuman, so we put a wry, witty human voice on it.


"Write Around Portland Changed My Life" 
SoMe Video Brand campaign :90 (Writer, Director, Producer, DP)
"Donate Spontaneous." This client needed a campaign of promotional videos to highlight the amazing writers in their non-profit writing workshops. As part of the strategy, I worked with the writers to help them turn their own stories into scripts and star in each vignette.